Sivanar Vembu , Chimai-Nili / Wiry Indigo Powder


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Benefits of Sivanar Vembu , Chimai-Nili / Wiry Indigo Powder

The plant Indigofera aspalathoides is used as a effective medicinal plant to

  • cure the chronic diseases like as Leprosy
  • Skin diseases
  • Food poisoning
  • Urinary Tract infection, and Tumor

Botanical Name     : Indigofera Aspalathoides
English Name           : Wiry Indigo
Tamil Name               : சிவனார் வேம்பு / Sivanar Vembu
Malayalam Name: മണ്ണലി / Manali / Shivamalli-gida
Telugu Name            : నీలి / నెల వెంపలి / సొవేము / ఎవరి / ఆఊరి / Neeli, Nela Vempali / Sivavemu /avari / Avuri

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