Thean Mezhugu Dried (Raw) / Beeswax


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About Beeswax

Beeswax is a product made from the honeycomb of the honeybee and other bees. The mixing of pollen oils into honeycomb wax turns the white wax into a yellow or brown color. Beeswax is used for high cholesterol, pain, fungal skin infections, and other conditions.

Benefits of Beeswax

  • Benefit #1: Breathe Easy. The consistency of beeswax acts as a protective barrier. …
  • Benefit #2: Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral. …
  • Benefit #3: Vitamin A. …
  • Benefit #4: Humectant. …
  • Benefit #5: Hypoallergenic. …
  • Benefit #6: Aromatic.

English Name         : Beeswax

Tamil Name            :  தேன் மெழுகு / Thean Mezhugu


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