Thetran Kottai / Clearing Nut Dried (Raw)


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Uses of Thetran Kottai / Clearing Nut Dried (Raw)

THETRAN KOTTAI-TETTAMPARAL SEED-STRYCHNOS POTATORUM-  Strychnos potatorum also known as Clearing-Nut Tree is a deciduous tree which has height up to 40 feet (12 meters). The seeds of the tree are commonly used in traditional medicine.

Benefits of Thetran Kottai / Clearing Nut Dried (Raw)

  • treatment of gonorrhea
  • leukorrhea leukeorrhea
  • gastropathy
  • bronchitis
  • chronic diarrhea
  • dysentery
  • renal and vesicle calculi diabetes
  • conjunctivitis
  • scleritis
  • ulcers and other eye disease.

Botanical Name    : Strychnos potatorum

English Name          :Clearing Nut

Tamil Name             : தேற்றான் கொட்டை / Thetran Kottai

Hindi Name              : समाशोधन  अखरोट , निर्मली / samaashodhan akharot, Nirmali

Malayalam Name : റ്റെട്ടാംപാറൽ / Tettamparal

Telugu Name           : చిల్లగింజ / Chillachettu

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