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About Thoothuvalai / Thai Nightshade Powder

Solanum virginianum, also called Surattense nightshade, yellow-fruit nightshade, yellow-berried nightshade, Thai green eggplant, Thai striped eggplant, is also known as Indian night shade or yellow berried night shade plant, the common name is Kantakari, Solanumsurattense Brum

Benefits Thoothuvalai / Thai Nightshade Powder

A decoction of the fruits of the plant is used for treatment of diabetes herb is useful in cough, chest pain, against vomiting, hair fall, leprosy, itching scabies, skin diseases and cardiac diseases associated with edema

Botanical Name      : Solanum Trilobatum
English Name          : Thai Nightshade
Tamil Name             : தூதுவளை / Thoothuvalai
Hindi Name              : कंटकारी -लत्ता / Kantakaari-latta
Malayalam Name : റ്റ്വലം / പുതൃക്കണ്ട / പുട്ടക്കണ്ട / റ്റുഡേവളം / പുത്തരിച്ചുണ്ട / Tutavalam, Putricunta, Puttacunta, Tudavalam And Putharichunda.
Telugu Name           : అలర్కపత్రము / ముల్లముస్టైల్ / కొండవుచింత / Alarkapatramu/ Mullamustil And Kondavuchinta

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