Valampuri Kaai / Indian Screw Tree (Raw)


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About Valampuri Kaai / Indian Screw Tree (Raw)

Helicteres isora, sometimes called the Indian screw tree, is a small tree or large shrub found in southern Asia and northern Oceania. It is usually assigned to the family Malvaceae, but it is sometimes assigned to the family Sterculiaceae.

Benefits Valampuri Kaai / Indian Screw Tree (Raw)

  • Excellent cure for gastrointestinal problems.
  • Health booster for new mothers.
  • The Indian screw tree for skin problems.
  • Helps manage diabetes.
  • Effective for treating respiratory diseases.

Botanical Name     : Helicteres isora
English Name           : Indian screw tree
Tamil Name               : வலம்புரி காய் / Valampuri Kaai

Hindi Name            : मरोड़ फली / Maror phali

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