Vasambu / Calamus/ Sweet Flag Powder


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About Vasambu / Calamus / Sweet Flag Dried (Raw)

Acorus calamus is a species of flowering plant with psychoactive chemicals. It is a tall wetland monocot of the family Acoraceae, in the genus Acorus.

Benefits of Vasambu / Calamus / Sweet Flag Dried (Raw)

Vasambu is very good for many stomach related ailments like

  • indigestion
  • bloating
  • flatulence
  • loose motion
  • acid gastritis.

It helps to cure stomach ulcer and gastric problems. It regulates the production of stomach acid and aids for easy digestion. It eases hear burn and counter acidity problem.

Botanical Name        :    Acorus Calamus
English Name              :    Calamus/ Sweet Flag
Tamil Name                  :    வசம்பு / Vasambu
Hindi Name                   :    वाचा /अकरावेसि / अक्कितम/ अर्पकेसी / अर्पकेसु   ||   vacha /akaraveci / Akkitam / Arpakeci / Arpakecu
Malayalam Name   :    വഷണപ / വയമ്പു / വയമ്പ്   ||   Vashanapa, Vayambhu, Vayambu
Telugu Name               :    వెదజ / వస / వ్యాస   ||   Vadaja/ Vasa/ Wasa

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