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About Veliparuthi

Veliparuthi plant also commonly called uthamani in Tamil is an amazing herb with wonderful medicinal uses. It called Utran in Hindi and Trellis-Vine in English. It’s a creeper and it’s botanical name is pergularia Daemia. You can easily find this plant in most of the villages in India and it’s found in most of the Asian countries and in Africa

Benefits of Veliparuthi / / Trellis-Vine

  • Veliparuthi For poly cystic ovarian syndrome: If you are suffering from pcos, try this remedy for a week. …
  • Veliparuthi For Boils & Wounds: …
  • Veliparuthi For Cold Related Problems:

Botanical Name     : Pergularia Daemia
English Name           : Trellis-vine
Tamil Name               : வேலிப்பருத்தி / Veliparuthi / Uthamani
Hindi Name                : उतारण / सगोवनी / आकासां / गडरिया की बेल / जुत्ताक / Utaran, Sagovani, Aakasan, Gadaria Ki Bel, Jutak
Malayalam Name: വെളിപാരട്ടി /  veliparatti
Telugu Name            : దుష్టపుచెట్టు / జిత్తుపకు /  dustapuchettu, Jittupaku

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