Vellai Kungiliyam / White Dammer (Raw)


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About Vellai Kungiliyam / White Dammer (Raw)

Vateria indica, the white dammar, is a species of tree in the family Dipterocarpaceae. It is endemic to the Western Ghats mountains in India. It is threatened by habitat loss. It is a large canopy or emergent tree frequent in tropical wet evergreen forests of the low and mid-elevations.Vellai Kungiliyam is been in use even today in Siddha Medicine for treating Bronchitis, Tubercular glands, Hemicranias, Chronic rheumatism, etc. It is also more powerful in curing wounds and other skin diseases.

Benefits of Vellai Kungiliyam / White Dammer (Raw)

The White Dammer is powerful in treating

  • neurological disorders
  • hemicrania
  • hemorrhoids, etc.

White Dammer is an excellent remedy for treating dry cough, colds, flu, and hernia. Ancient Ayurveda notes that these are used as the primary medicine in treating diseases such as syphilis.

Botanical Name             : Vateria Indica Linn

English Name                  :   White Dammer

Tamil Name                      : வெள்ளை குங்கிலியம் / Vellai Kungiliyam
Hindi Name                       :  सफ़ेद  डामर , कहरुवा  / Safed dammar , Kharuva         

Malayalam Name         :  വെള്ള / Vella

Telugu Name                  :  తెల్ల దుమారం / Tella Damaramu

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