Vellari vithai / Cucumber Seed (Raw)


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About Cucumber

Cucumber is a widely-cultivated creeping vine plant in the Cucurbitaceae family that bears usually cylindrical fruits, which are used as vegetables. Considered an annual plant, there are three main varieties of cucumber — slicing, pickling, and burpless/seedless.All that water in cucumbers can help keep you hydrated. Plus, the fiber boost they give you helps you stay regular and avoid constipation. The vitamin K helps blood clot and keep your bones healthy. Vitamin A has many jobs, like helping with vision, the immune system, and reproduction

Benefits of Vellari vithai / Cucumber Seed (Raw)

  • Keep You Hydrated.
  • Easy Diet.
  • Improve Skin Health.
  • Reduce Bad Breath.
  • Nutritional Value.

Cucumber seeds contain beta-carotene, which helps in building immunity, skin, eyes and the preventions of cancer.

Botanical Name : Cucumis sativus

English Name : Cucumber Seeds

Tamil Name : வெள்ளரி விதை / Vellari vithai

Hindi Name : खीरा / Khira

Malayalam Name : വെള്ളരി / Vellari

Telugu Name : దోసకాయ / Dosakaya

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