Vellarugu / Swallow Wort Powder


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About Vellarugu / Swallow Wort Powder

As suggested by its category swallow-wort roots are plants that are Cold in nature. This means that swallow-wort roots typically help people who have too much ‘Heat’ in their body. Balance between Yin and Yang is a key health concept in TCM

About Vellarugu / Swallow Wort Powder

1. It helps in cataract naturally and this leaves are helpful in diseases such as cough, cold, flu& cholera

2. It treats for urinal problems jaundice.

3. It is helps for breathing problems

4. Hair lice and itching of head, migraine, eczema & wounds.

Tamil Name                  :    வெள்ளறுகு / Vellarugu

Hindi Name                   :    अकवन / मदार या  आक / अर्क / Akwan/ Madar Or Aak/ Arka
Malayalam Name   :
    ചുവന്നൊരിക്ക / Chuvannaerikk
Telugu Name               :
    జిల్లేది  పువ్వు / జిల్లేడు / నల్లజిల్లేడు /  Jilledi Puvvu/jilledu/ Nallajilledu

Botanical Name        :    Adenema Hissopifolia
English Name              :    Swallow Wort / Indian Whitehead

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