Vembalam Pattai / Alkanet Root (Raw)


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 About Vembalam Pattai / Alkanet Root (Raw)

Ratanjot, also known as Alkanet Root” is a spice found in Indian foods- to add flavor (to tandoori chicken!) and used as a natural food color. Ratanjot roots have medicinal properties and are used to cure wounds, fever, and diseases, while Ratanjot oil is popularly used as hair oil.

Known as a Physic nut in English and scientifically known as ‘Alkanna tincoria’, Ratanjot is an Ayurvedic plant found in North Indian hills and the Mediterranean region.

Benefits of Vembalam Pattai / Alkanet Root (Raw)

  • Ratanjot or Alkanet root has anti-inflammatory properties, and you can use them for skin clearing and healing.
  • Ratanjot helps protect your skin from a skin infection, inflammation and even treats burn scars.
  • It is widely used in various face masks, and other skin products for healing burn scars due to its natural anti-inflammatory properties and cooling effect to absorb heat out of the skin.
  • This is one of the major Ratanjot benefits for skin.


Tamil Name               : Vembalam Pattai /  வேம்பாளம் பட்டை

Hindi Name               : Rajantot root

Botanical Name        : Alkanna Tinctoria

English Name            : Alkanet

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