Vengaya Vidhai / Black Onion Seeds (Raw)


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About Vengaya Vidhai / Black Onion Seeds (Raw)

The Black Onion Seeds is called  Vengaya Vidhai in Tamil Black onion seeds are made for slow-cooked curries, chickpea pies and Italian Bolognese. The versatile seeds can be added to most any savoury dish for a flavourful crunch of spice. … adding black onion seeds to curries for a crunchy bite or shaking over vegetable dishes, such as Indian dhal and other benefits below

Benefits of Vengaya Vidhai / Black Onion Seeds (Raw)

  1. Packed With Antioxidants. …
  2. May Lower Cholesterol. …
  3. Could Have Cancer-Fighting Properties. …
  4. Can Help Kill off Bacteria. …
  5. May Alleviate Inflammation. …
  6. Could Help Protect the Liver. …
  7. Can Aid in Blood Sugar Regulation. …
  8. May Prevent Stomach Ulcers.

Tamil Name            :  வெங்காய விதை  / Vengaya Vidhai

Hindi Name             : Kalonji Seeds

Botanical Name     : Nigella sativa

English Name         : Fennel Seeds / Onion Seeds

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