Veppam Pattai / Neem Bark Powder


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About Neem 

Neem Bark is considered an antiseptic that can cleanse your system. It is also known to cure skin impurities when applied on the skin. The Neem bark has cool, bitter, and astringent properties.It is very beneficial to the health because of its natural ability as an anti-viral, anti-bacterial

Benefits of Neem Bark

The Bark is used for 

  • body infections
  • skin infections
  • wounds
  • dosha imbalance
  • Kapha
  • tiredness
  • worms
  •  loss of appetite

Botanical Name           :    Azadirachta Indica
English Name                 :    Neem Bark
Tamil Name                     :    வேப்பம்பட்டை / Veppam Pattai
Hindi Name                      :    नीम / Neem
Malayalam Name     :    ആര്യവേപ്പ് / Ariyaveppu
Telugu Name                  :    వెపా
 / Vepa

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