Vilva pazham/ Bael Fruit Powder


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About Vilvam / Bael 

It is an vital medicinal plant with numerous makes use of in conventional medicine. The uncooked end result appearance greenish-grey, whilst the woody outdoors turns yellow upon ripening.Bael or timber apple that is going with the botanical call Aegle marmelos is a middle-sized tree with slim branches, light brown bark that regularly oozes fit for human consumption gum. All parts- root, leaf, trunk, fruit, and seeds of bael are useful in treating numerous diseases.

Benefits of Vilva pazham/ Bael Fruit Powder

1: Management of bacteria-induced diarrhea and cholera. …

2: Good for digestion. …

3: Reduces cholesterol. …

4: Help in diabetes management. …

5: Prevent skin infections. …

6: Act as a blood purifier. …

7: Help in scurvy. …

8: May reduce cancer risk.

Botanical Name            : Aegle Marmelos
English Name               :Bael tree, Bengal Quince, golden apple, stone apple, wood apple
Tamil Name                   : வில்வ  பழம் / Vilvai pazha podi
Hindi Name                    : बेला फल , श्रीफल, बेल फल / Bela phal, Sriphal , Bel phal
Malayalam Name    : കൂവളം ഫലം / Koovalam phalam
Telugu Name                : మారేడు పండు / Maredu Pandu

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