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About Vilvam / Bael 

Bael leaves are wealthy in nutrients A, B1, B2, C, and minerals like calcium, potassium, and iron. There are many fitness blessings of bael leaves, it could deal with tuberculosis, hepatitis, ulcer, and digestive problems. Beal leaves also are an amazing supply of tannins that could assist in treating cholera.Bael or Aegle marmelos are loaded with masses of vitamins and their leaves are favored of Lord Shiva. In the month of Sharavana, Bol Bom devotees pour water on Shiva Linga. Many of them additionally provide bael leaves because the Lord receives thrilled with this leave. Often the priest gives some bael leaves presented to the Lord which the devotees consume. Hence, together with religious electricity they scientifically get fitness blessings.

Benefits of  Vilvam ilai / Bael Leaves Powder

Bael leaf has a number of medicinal benefits. It has a mild laxative effect as it loosen the stool and prevents constipation. It also helps manage the cough in asthma and bronchitis due to its expectorant activity.

The anti-inflammatory activity of Bael leaf help manage fever, bleeding nostrils and are also used for correcting eye complications such as conjunctivitis and other eye infections

Bael leaf is helpful in some conditions like fever, pain or any other problem that occurs due to an imbalance of Vata-Kapha dosha, due to its Vata-Kapha balancing and Shothhar (anti-inflammatory) properties. It helps to balance these doshas and reduce the symptoms of pain or fever.

It also helps to manage the condition of asthma, cough and cold due to its Vata and Kapha balancing properties.
It might also manage constipation if its leaves decoction is given with black pepper.

Tamil Name                : வில்வம் / Vilvam
Hindi Name                 : बेल / बेल  श्रीफल  / बिल / बीले / बेलगिरी / बेल / Bael/ Bael Sripal/ Beel/ Beeley/ Beelgiri/ Bel/
Malayalam Name : വിൽവം /  vilvam
Telugu Name             : బిల్వ / బిల్వ-పండు / బిల్వచేట్టు / బిల్వము / మల్లారం / మేలురము / మారేడు / Bilva/ Bilva-pandu/ Bilvachettu/ Bilvamu/ Maluramu/ Maraedu

Botanical Name       : Aegle Marmelos
English Name            : Bael

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