Vishnu Kiranthi / Slender Dwarf Morning Glory Powder


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About Vishnu Kiranthi / Slender Dwarf Morning Glory Powder

Vishnukranthi is specially used as a home cure for enhancing memory, lowering stress, to deal with fevers, for hair boom and to deal with wounds.It is one most of the 3 flowers which can be known as shankhpushpi. The relaxation of the 2 flowers are Clitoria Ternatea and Convolvulus Pluricaulis. These three flowers are appeared are very especially and are used collectively or one by one specially for treating sleeplessness, tension and stress.

It’s botanical call is Evolvulus Alsinoides and it’s known as Vishnukranthi in Tamil, Vishnukrantha in Hindi, Slender Dwarf Morning Glory in English and Vishnukranthamu in Telugu. Many of you should have observed this plant with it’s lovely small pink plant life on the street aspects and waste lands in case you are residing in India.

Benefits of Vishnu Kiranthi / Slender Dwarf Morning Glory Powder

  • Vishnukranthi For Fever: …
  • Vishnukranthi For Memory: …
  • Vishnukranthi For Stress: …
  • Vishnukranthi Anti Bacterial Properties: …
  • Vishnukranthi For Hair:

Tamil Name                        :         விஷ்னுக்கிரந்தி / Vishnu Kiranthi.

English Name                    :         Slender Dwarf Morning-glory.

Malayalam Name         :         വിഷ്ണുക്രാന്തി / കൃഷ്ണക്രാന്തി / Vishnukranthi / Krishnakranthi.

Telugu Name                     :         విష్ణుక్రాంతము / Vishnukranthamu.

Hindi Name                         :         विष्णुक्रांता / Vishnukrantha.

Botanical Name              :         Evolvulus Alsinoides.

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